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Table of Contents

  • I(A). Introduction - FIFA Ultimate Team Basics
  • I(B). What's FUT?
  • II(A). Starting Out
  • II(B). Squad Building
  • III(A). FUT Packs
  • III(B). FUT Team Cards
  • III(C). FUT Players
  • III(D). Acquire More FUT Cards
  • III(E). FUT - Chemistry
  • IV. FUT Game Modes
  • V. FUT - Transfer Market
  • VI. How Much Do You Need to Spend in FUT?
  • VII. How to Get Free FIFA 18 Coins and Points
  • VIII(A). Our Free FUT Coins and Points Generator
  • VIII(B). Why Use Our FUT Coins/Points Generator?
  • VIII(C). How to Use Our Free FIFA 18 Points/Coins Generator
  • IX. Conclusion: FUT - FIFA 18

FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT): Basics

Genre(s): Simulation, Sports
Developer(s): EA Sports
Publisher(s): Electronic Arts
First Release: July 1993
Latest Release: September 2017
If you've ever played FIFA before, chances are that you've heard or come across the term 'FIFA Ultimate Team'. FUT is among the most popular game modes in FIFA, boasting millions of players. That has also contributed significantly towards the popularity of FUT as a console game.

Over the recent years, EA has incorporated multiple new features to FUT. These additions have vastly improved the game.

You can play FUT and access its features on a broad variety of platforms. You'll enjoy most of its features from various devices such as PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC, and Nintendo Switch. EA Sports has also put handy Web and mobile apps to accompany FUT, making it conveniently possible to play whenever you're on the go.

What's FIFA Ultimate Team?

FUT is a gaming platform that allows one to build their dream FIFA squad right from scratch, competing in various single-player and online modes. Basically, it's a collectible card game where each card represents a player that you can add to your team.

Your goal is to build a team, comprised of the best players possible, which will enable you to defeat other FUT managers. Your aim is, therefore, to win the trophies and currency needed to acquire even more FUT cards.

It can be likened to collecting football stickers. But, in this case, you're able to play actual FIFA games using players printed on the stickers.

Starting Out

FUT can seem daunting, especially for new gamers. But, with time, you'll easily comprehend the entire process and learn how you can quicken your progress.

We recommend that you first launch FIFA from which you can set up your EA account. Upon doing that, you'll be able to conveniently edit your lineups and squads in the newly redesigned mobile and Web apps by logging in to the account you've just created.

Now, head to the 'Play' tab right from FIFA's main menu and enter 'Ultimate Team'. Next, you'll select your 'Starter Pack' by specifying the country you'd want most of your Starter squad to come from. Besides that, you'll be required to give your team a unique name and change the formation as you desire.

Squad Building

After going through the necessary logistical steps, like assigning your team a name, you can now begin playing FUT. A new player is granted a starter pack (usually 34 cards) which includes more than enough players to build a squad. FIFA 18 boasts over 15,000 player items.

You'll need to specify your 11 starting players, along with seven more benched players. Additionally, you can add 5 'reserves' to the bench. You need not stick to a certain team's players. FUT grants you the freedom of choosing other teams' players.

With the starter pack, you'll also get kits and badges which you can use when decking your team out according to your preferences.

You're expected to complete various objectives at this stage. These provide worthwhile rewards. In turn, you'll be able to hoard handy currency (FIFA coins) and rewards for future use.

FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Packs

Packs are vital when it comes down to getting new players to your team. They're among the possible rewards you can get in FUT. In essence, they're digital bundles of players and various other in-game items.

However, just as with most collectible card games, you'll be purchasing these packs without being aware of exactly what you'll get. They're not cheap, as well. But, you might be lucky and land several big-name players from an inexpensive pack.

There are multiple variations of FUT packs, including Bronze, Premium Bronze, Silver, Premium Silver, Gold, and Premium Gold packs. They're priced in FIFA coins and points, matching the potential quality of the cards you'll receive. As such, you'll get better quality items by opening higher-value packs.

FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Cards

FUT has five card types which you can acquire from the available packs. These include:

  1. Players: These are self-explanatory
  2. Staff - These include coaches and managers who help enhance your team's performance in areas like attacking, goalkeeping
  3. Consumables - They cover almost everything, from extending players' contracts to healing injured players
  4. Club Items - These feature things like new kits, brands/types of ball, and stadiums
  5. Training Cards - These help boost base stats for one game
You ought to ensure you've got substantial staff and consumables at all times. Without these, your players are less likely to perform well. In an even worse case, you might find that your star players' contracts have expired right before a crucial game.

FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Players

Players are classified into three basic categories:

  • Bronze (Least Skilled): Rated 0-64
  • Silver: Rated 65-74
  • Gold (Most Skilled): Rated 75-99
These reflect the players' ability in actual life, with the prices reflecting their respective popularity. Your starter pack is likely to exclusively comprise bronze players. But, you might be lucky to have1-2 silver players.

Each of the above categories is also broken down into:

  • Normal: Standard card
  • Rare: More valuable
  • In Form
Players are rendered 'rare' if they have exceptional or unique attributes when compared to their peers. For instance, a certain player may be rendered rare because he's the tallest in the league or has exceptional passing.

Some players may stand out in real life each week. FUT recognizes such and creates all-new versions of these players, granting them better stats. Such are referred to as 'In-Form' players. They're made available for sale in the packs each week.

Get More FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Cards

You can acquire more cards through two different ways:

I. You can purchase packs from the FUT Store using FIFA 18 points, which are the main in-game currency. You're able to earn them by playing the game, completing objectives, and winning matches. You can also purchase FIFA points using real money or by redeeming prepaid FIFA 18 codes. Such will enable you to build a good team faster.

II. You can also acquire more FUT cards by using FIFA coins. Playing FUT, on its own, will help you accumulate coins. You can win 300-500 FIFA coins from playing just one game. Alternative options include purchasing packs and using the Transfer Market.

FIFA Ultimate Team - Chemistry

It is at this stage that you should begin planning your team's structure. You're not just looking to build a team that's made up of big names. You're also aiming at building a team with good 'chemistry', that is, how players are connecting with one another. For example, you can achieve good Chemistry by having teammates who're from one nationality or one league.

FIFA-UT Game Modes

FUT offers multiple, different game modes. The most popular ones include FUT Champions (Weekend League), Online Seasons, Squad Battles, and Daily Tournaments.

'FUT Champions' is a 40-game league that's played during the weekends (from Friday to Sunday). In the 'Squad Battles' mode, you get to play against a squad that has been put together by other players.

Additionally, there are single-player games where you'll play against friends or random people online. The FUT Guest Mode allows two people to play against each other on a single console.

You can opt for the 10-game Seasons Mode, too, where you'll play in ten divisions. In this case, you'll begin from Division 10, working your way up. You'll randomly play other people that are in the same division as you.

There's no league table, here. You're required to acquire a set number of points and in a set number of games. Upon achieving that, you'll get promoted. Conversely, you'll be relegated to a lower division if you fail to reach the set minimum points.

FIFA Ultimate Team - Transfer Market

Upon playing your first match, you'll earn FIFA coins. You can spend these on purchasing players. FUT has an exciting Transfer Market - a hub that all FUT players can use to purchase and sell players.

You can make use of the provided filter options to narrow your searches and find the player you're seeking. Such will also enable you to find players that meet your budget, among other preferences you might have.

How Much Do You Need to Spend in FUT?

You need not spend a significant lot to excel. In fact, plenty of people have succeeded without spending actual money. You're likely to have a successful run if you understand the basics of the Transfer Market. It's quite similar to real-life markets.

Working your way up will also be much simpler if you're aware of the varying players' popularities in FUT. The key, here, is to remain vigilant. However, it doesn't imply that spending money is wrong. If you've some spare cash, spending on these packs can certainly help cut some corners for you.

How to Get Free FIFA 18 Coins and Points

Many are the times your gaming fun will be spoilt as a result of inadequate or lack of resources. It's particularly impossible to accumulate lots of FIFA points and coins without putting in insane amounts of time and money. And, that isn't feasible for most people.

It's even more challenging for beginners who're required to go through a time-consuming process as they strive to beat the multiple difficulty levels. Just as with other FIFA games, FIFA 18 has been developed in a way that you'll need to pay to increase your points or earn coins and, subsequently, make progress.

Thankfully, you can still achieve significant progress without spending as much. There are many coin sellers that offer various purchase options and deals to improve your overall gaming performance and experience. You might also come across coin suppliers who offer luring deals and discounts. Such are avenues that can help secure the resources you need at discounted prices.

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FIFA Ultimate Team - FIFA 18

FIFA Ultimate Team undeniably offers quite many exciting features and impressive capabilities. And, FIFA 18 only makes the entire experience more enjoyable as it comes with even more game modes. These might seem a bit overwhelming, especially for beginners. That shouldn't be a cause for worry, though.

A safe bet would be to start off with the 'Single-Player Seasons'. Take advantage of the companion FIFA mobile and Web apps to tweak your squads and access the Transfer Market when on the go. You're required to get ahead by playing the game.

We acknowledge that building an excellent team can be quite difficult and depressing. Sure, there are people who're spending lots of money on FUT. But, not all video game enthusiasts have that privilege. That's actually where our generator comes in.

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