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Free Fifa PointsFIFA has recently introduced the Points system on their newest 2013 game version, and most users have noticed the special “FIFA Points” menu located in the top-right corner of the Ultimate team menu. However, many players still don’t know what these points are and how they can be used in-game. Browsing through this article will reveal you all these mysteries and, as a bonus, a neat way to get FIFA Points for free (more details at the bottom)!

What Are FIFA Points?

Alright, first of all, you have to know what these kinds of points are. Although many PC users might be already familiarized with them from the 2012 version of the game, they represent a totally new concept for console players.

In FIFA 13, Points (and the coins as well) can be used for buying Ultimate Team packs in a convenient and relatively inexpensive manner. Regardless whether you own an Xbox or a PS3, a simple visit to the Ultimate Team Store from your console is enough to purchase the FIFA Points. They can be bought through either PSN Wallet (on PS3) or Microsoft Points (on Xbox).

Why Have EA Made The Transition To FIFA Points?

EA has provided three main reasons as to why they made this transition for XBox 360 and PS3 players:

  1. They Allow Players to Purchase Packs More Easily
    Since the FIFA Points are available straight from the Ultimate Team menu, everyone is now able to purchase packs without having to browse through the entire PSN menu or Xbox Live Marketplace every time. These points represent the smarter choice when it comes to buying in-game goods, since they’re available right from the FIFA 13’s menu.
  2. They Can Be Used on The Ultimate Team’s Web App
    This is one of the main reasons why FIFA players should focus their looks on this type of points. They allow us to purchase pack right on the Ultimate Team’s Web App through either MS Points or a PSN Wallet. But although these points are on the cheap side, they can also be obtained for free (see more details at the bottom!).
    The FIFA 2013 game for consoles still has to be purchased, but once you install it you’ll be able to use all your points once you access the web app.
    EA has declared that FIFA Points will also be available for the iPhone soon enough (and hopefully for the Android app too).
  3. Bulk FIFA Discounts
    If you choose to spend the money, you can get more packs for the same pounds if you choose FIFA Points at the expense of their coins.
    These points also represent a smart move for EA, since it locks in more player’s cash for the Ultimate Team service in advance. You could be tempted to spend those money elsewhere, but since FIFA reserves them from the start you’ll have one less chore to worry about.

A Few Advantages of free FIFA Points

FIFA is basically offering these points to reward us for spending out more cash. They are the newest FIFA currency, and they can make in-game shopping faster, simpler and even cheaper.

Simply put, EA has initially made this currency available for PC users in the Ultimate Team 2012. With FIFA 2013, this payment system has been made available for all gaming platforms.

These new points can be purchased in different bundles right from the Ultimate Team store of your console. If you own the Xbox 360 you can use MS Points, and if you own the PS3 you can use your PSN Wallet to buy them.


In FIFA 12’s Ultimate Team menu, players had to click through several windows before they could purchase a single pack of coins. Now, with the introduction of FIFA Points, anyone can buy multiple bundle packs right from the in-game menu! This way, players can save a lot of time in the purchasing process.


After you purchase the points from your console’s Ultimate Team store, you’ll be free to spend them all across the Ultimate Team’s Web App and any of their other future extensions.

From now on, the Ultimate Team packs can be purchased through either coins or points, the latter option being the most convenient one for players.


Another major advantage of FIFA Points is their ability of being purchased in bundle packs. If you choose to purchase a bigger bundle, you’ll benefit from higher discounts and more bonus points to spend in-game. This is a great deal for those who purchase several Ultimate Team packs at once. For instance, buying 4,600 FIFA Points will give you 600 bonus ones to spend, which is just enough to purchase 6 extra Gold Packs.

If you’re a Season Ticket subscriber at EA Sports, your 20% discount will be applied straight to the Point bundles price, which allows you to save even more.

How Much Do FIFA Points Cost?

If you want to know how much FIFA Points cost, in terms of Great Britain Pounds on PSN or via Microsoft Points on the Xbox, you’ll find all these information listed below:

    FIFA 13 Currency Converter List:

  • 100 Points – 79p on PSN or 80 MS Points
  • 250 Points – £1.99 on PSN or 200 MS Points
  • 500 Points – £3.99 on PSN or 400 MS Points
  • 750 Points – £5.49 on PSN or 600 MS Points
  • 1,050 Points (includes 50 Bonus Points) – £7.99 on PSN or 800 MS Points
  • 1,575 Points (includes 75 Bonus Points) – £11.99 on PSN or 1,200 MS Points
  • 2,200 Points (includes 200 Bonus Points) – £23.99 on PSN or 1,600 MS Points
  • 4,600 Points (includes 600 Bonus Points) – £31.99 on PSN or 3,200 MS Points
    Ultimate Team 2013 Pack Prices:

  • Gold pack – 100 Points
  • Premium gold pack – 150 Points

For now you would have already found out that the latest 4 blocks offer you bonus points when they’re purchased. The whole concept is that the more you’re willing to spend, the more money you’ll be able to save on the long run. You can purchase your desired Point bundle pack right after you install the original FIFA 13 game on your console.

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